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Satellite Symposia

Congress Leonardo Da Vinci Auditorium

Saturday 4 May 24

Pietá Room Satellite Symposium

Theme: A Farewell to Frames: Mask-Based Radiosurgery

Speaker: Dr. Michael Shulder

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David Room Satellite Symposium

Theme: Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Programming for Patients with Movement Disorders

Speaker: Dr. Oscar Bernal Pacheco


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Amalfi Room Satellite Symposium

Theme: BrainSense Technology

Coordinator: Dr. Murilo M. Marinho – Functional Neurosurgeon

Special participation: Dr. Ash Sharan - Chief Medical Officer Neuromodulation at Medtronic – presenting "Future of therapy based on data: from closed-loop to Big Data."

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Congress Leonardo Da Vinci Auditorium

Saturday 4 May 24

Satellite Symposium Gastronomy Thematic Gourmet Space

Theme: 3 years of DRG – Experiences and complex cases

Speaker: Dr. Tiago Freitas and Dr. Igor Campbell

* Limited places - Registration coming soon

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Congress Leonardo Da Vinci Auditorium

Saturday 4 May 24

Room Pietá and David Satellite Symposium

Topic: DBS Planning using Elements software and Cartesia 3D Directional Electrode

Speaker: Dr. Alessandra Gorgulho

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Amalfi Space Satellite Symposium

Topic: Advances in the programming of neuromodulation devices for refractory epilepsy.

Speaker: Leila Maria da Róz

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Gourmet Space Satellite Symposium

12:00 pm to 1:10 pm

Topics: Are there patient benefits with directional DBS technology that demonstrates superiority over omnidirectional stimulation?

Speaker: Dr Alexandre Novicki

* Entry on a first-come, first-served basis

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