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CBENF 2024 Registration Regulations

Dear Participants

Carefully read the event registration process guidelines to complete it successfully.

1 - Instruction for registering your registration

Fill out your form by creating a login and password to access your restricted area on the event website. The restricted area is the space reserved for registrants to monitor their registration, send and check the progress of their work and change basic access data. After registering, you will automatically receive a copy with all the registered information via email.

Attention! The registration system does not accept duplicate email and CPF registrations.

2 - Payment

  • PIX

  • Bank slip

  • Credit card (installments will be possible, however the system will only accept the last installment due until the date of the event)

  • Commitment* (Payment method used by public institutions) Complete your registration and inform in the


3. Registration Fees - Values expressed in Reais


Early Bird Lot until January 15th

Lot 1until

March 30th

Lot 2 until 
April 30th

Lot 3

On site

Doctor not a member of SBENF

R$ 600.00

R$ 800.00

R$ 1,000.00

R$ 1,200.00

Doctor member of Partner Institution

R$ 500.00

R$ 700.00

R$ 900.00

R$ 1,100.00

Member of SBENF and National Speakers

R$ 400.00

R$ 600.00

R$ 800.00

R$ 1,000.00


R$ 300.00

R$ 500.00

R$ 700.00

R$ 900.00

Other Prof. of health

R$ 200.00

R$ 400.00

R$ 600.00

R$ 800.00


R$ 150.00

R$ 250.00

R$ 350.00

R$ 450.00


R$ 190.00

R$ 290.00

R$ 350.00

R$ 490.00

*Requires submission of official category proof file at the time of registration

**SBN – Sociedade Brasileira de Neurocirurgia

***Fellow paga como médico conforme categorias correspondentes.

4 - Recibo

After payment confirmation, the system automatically generates the receipt according to the data registered by the congressman. The document andIt will be available in the participant's restricted area.

5 - Withdrawalia and refund

If there is a cancellation, the registration holder must request cancellation of the registration to the event organization, formalizing theia email – being reimbursed under the following conditions:

  • Refund 90% – requested up to 60 days (sixty days) before the date of the event. (10% discount for payment processing fees)

  • 50% refund - requested up to 45 days (forty-five) before the date of the event.

  • Non refundable – requests made 44 days or less before the event date

  • To thecancellation requests must be carried out by theregistration holder on


The refund will be made to the registrant's bank account within 45 days after theholding the event


6 - Pre-Congress Registration

It is not mandatory to be registered for the congress to register for the pre-congressonly.

Course prices and themes will be announced later for additional registrations..

Date of this publication 11/13/23

7 - Registration for groups

Groups dand at least 10 people will receive a 10% discount on registration.

Groups over 15 people will receive a 15% discount on registration.

Discounts will be applied to each participant's corresponding category.

Group members must register on the event website, skipping the payment steps. The group must appoint an organizer, who must send it in a single email to the names of people already registered and their respective CPFs. The organization will inform procedures to carry out thes payments.

Discounts will only be applied if the above regulations are complied with.

8 - Registration of work authors

For the presentation of the approved scientific work, there is an obligation to pay the registration fee for, at least, the person who submitted the work and the presenter if not the person who submitted it. The payment amount for your registration will be in accordance with the table in force at the time of payment. It is not necessary to pay the registration fee when submitting the work.


9 - On-site registration

On-site registration will be subject to availability of space and material.

On-site registration fees will be subject to change.


10 - Badge

The use of an identification badge is MANDATORY for access to all Congress activities, including access to the exhibition area.

Receptionists and security guards are instructed to request the badge when it is not visible and not to allow anyone who does not have an access badge to enter the rooms and exhibition area.

Detection of its use by third parties will result in cancellation of the subscription, without refund of the amount paid.

Congress Participants will have the right to:

  • Participation in classes in the main conference schedule on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th

  • Visit the exhibition area

  • Event folder with participant kit

  • Exclusive access to social events on Thursday 2/5 and Friday 3/5

  • Certificate of participation

  • Registration for the congress does not include pre-congress courses.

Participants of pre-conference course only.

  • Visit the exhibition area

  • Certificate of participation

  • Event folder with participant kit

  • Pre-conference registration does not include access to social events. Tickets can be purchased separately.


The rules regarding registration may be changed and/or adjusted at any time by the event organization.


For additional information, or any other requests, please contact the event organization via email: We will be delighted to serve you.


Garanta a sua vaga nos Cursos Pré-Congresso

Curso 1: Radiosurgery Workshop Teórico-prático


Curso 2: Pain Surgery Workshop Teórico-prático


Curso 3: Movement Disorders Workshop Teórico-prático


Curso 4: TMS for Neurosurgeons Workshop Teórico-prático


Garanta a sua vaga nos Cursos de Capacitação


Capacitação em Dor para Clínicos do pronto atendimento 

Médicos do Hospital SOS Cardio:


Médicos de outros locais:


Monitoramento não invasivo da complacência intracraniana no PA e UTI 




  • Taxa única até completarem as vagas.

  • Vagas limitadas.

  • É obrigatório estar inscrito no congresso para se inscrever no pré-congresso.

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